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A special Mother's Day post, by Tristan Ovington


Hen and chicks. Pups. These are not just cute little animals, but they’re all cute succulent terms too. So what does any of this have to do with Mothers Day? 

The ‘hen’ is the mother plant and ‘chicks’ are the baby plants that come from the ‘hen’. Pup is another name for the baby plant that is grown by the mother. See where we are going with this?

That’s right, for Mother’s Day this year we decided to show all you wonderful people about how to propagate succulent plants. But what the heck is plant propagation, we hear you shout? Fear not. Because that is exactly what you are about to find out.


What is succulent propagation?
  • Propagation is simply the process of growing a plant from a leaf or from the ‘head’ of the plant. 
  • It is one way that succulent plants can reproduce.
  • Propagation is a really cheap way to grow lots more lovely plants for free! 
  • It may be easy and cheap, though it’s not such a quick process. 
  • But don’t worry, we will guide you through the easy steps and have you reproducing succulents in no time!


How to propagate plants
  • Remove leaves

-Gently pull a leaf off from the plant

-It’s best to wiggle the leaf side to side, rather than upwards, as this could damage the stem of the plant

-Take the leaf from the lower leaves of the plant, NEVER the leaves near the top or middle. This is where new growth happens. Don’t you be messin’ with dat growth! 

(Image credit- Needles & Leaves)


  • Callus

-Place the leaves on a clean tray or kitchen roll to protect from bacteria

-No soil or water are needed at this point

-Leave for 5 days until the tip that was connected to the plant has calloused off, becoming brown and slightly hard

  • Roots

-Look out for signs of root formation over next few weeks

  • Plant

-When roots have appeared, plant each leaf in a container

-Ensure containers will drain well, fill with soil to top of container

-You can plant propagations outside, but it is easier to keep an eye on them indoors

-Do not water at this stage

(Image credit- Slightly Organic, Wordpress)


  • Water, feed

-The day after potting, water sparingly and pat soil down

-Growth will accelerate as plant gets used to its environment

-Feed with succulent food. 


As you can see, it is easy to grow your own succulent plants with five steps!

When propagated plants are 3 or 4 months old, they can make brilliant gifts. The best thing is that you can tell people you grew the plant yourself! See below for some perfect gift ideas for propagations.

-Wedding gifts/favours

-Birthdays, alongside larger presents

-Thank you gifts

-Mother's day (duh!)


Just make sure you tell the lucky recipient to water weekly and when ready for repotting, do it into well-draining soil.

Don’t forget, we are plant experts and always happy to help. If you’re unsure about any aspect of succulent propagation, or have any other plant-y queries, just pop in for a chat with Charlie or Sophie. 

Have fun in all your propagation adventures and share your successes (and mishaps!) with us, on Insta or Facebook. 

Happy Mother's Day everyone! 

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